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What We Do?

Portable Toilet Rental and Service

Provide toilets for construction, special events, weddings, festivals.

Portable Handwash Stations

45 gallon self contained sinks with towel and soap dispencers. Great addition for construction projects or special events.

A porta potty rental service can solve your porta potti dilemma. Clean Green Porta-Potties will deliver as many portable toilets as you need to your location. Whether you need your portable toilets delivered in the city or in the country, we can get them there. We serve eleven counties in the Owensboro, Kentucky vicinity, nine of which are in Kentucky while the other two are in Indiana. Clean Green Porta-Potties is a quick and reliable porta potty rental service. We are open Monday through Saturday, from 7am – 5pm. If you want a clean porta potti, you can trust Clean Green Porta-Potties is known for having the cleanest portable toilets in the area.

In addition to portable toilets, Clean Green Porta-Potties also offers self contained portable sinks with soap and paper towels. These sinks make a great addition to the porta-potties and help to keep the event cleaner. For example, if you are having an outdoor buffet-style wedding, hand washing stations could be a good idea. In this case, having portable sinks would help to enhance the health and safety of your guests. The same can be said of a construction site. Many times, having sinks along with your portable toilets will greatly increase guest and worker satisfaction and morale. This is because it helps people feel cleaner and better.